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Blackjack Betting Strategy

There are many ways to try and beat the game of Blackjack online, some work, others will not. Certain players will use a set of skills in conjunction with one another to increase their edge even further. Following a strict guideline of when to hit, stand, double down etc is only part of what can help you beat Blackjack online. You can also use a tactic called betting strategies to help increase your advantage. There are many types of betting strategies that people have conjured up over the years. One of the more popular and famous betting systems is called the Martingale betting strategy.

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This betting strategy is one of the most common used and effective of any betting strategies ever used in Blackjack online. The concept of this plan is very simple and easy to follow. If followed, you will be guaranteed to at least break even.

The strategy goes a little something like this. Every time you win a hand you keep the same bet. If you lose a hand, you double the previous bet until you win. Once you’ve won, you go back to your starting bet size. To make this a little easier to understand we can use a simple example.

Let’s say we sit down at a Blackjack table and we begin with betting $2. We win the very first hand; therefore we keep our next bet at $2. This time we lose our $2 so our next hand we must bet $4. If we win the following hand we can go back to betting the $2 we started with. However, if we lose the hand we bet $4 on, we would have to bet $8 on the next one. We repeat this pattern of doubling our previous bet until we win.

Once we win a hand we can go back to our original bet sizing. We also have won all the money back that we lost by doubling our bets. If we double the bet each and every time we lose, we are guaranteed to win our money back once we finally win. In the long run this will work out to us being ahead since there will be times that we get dealt a natural Blackjack which will pay 3:2 giving us even more money than if we win a normal hand which pays even money.

The one con to this strategy is that you must have the money in your bankroll to be able to double your bets. At times the bet can be pretty sizeable if you’ve lost a few hands in a row. However, if you stick to the plan and have the money to place the bets, you will always at least break even.

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