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Blackjack Betting Strategy

There are many ways to try and beat the game of Blackjack online, some work, others will not. Certain players will use a set of skills in conjunction with one another to increase their edge even further. Following a strict guideline of when to hit, stand, double down etc is only part of what can help you beat Blackjack online. You can also use a tactic called betting strategies to help increase your advantage. There are many types of betting strategies that people have conjured up over the years. One of the more popular and famous betting systems is called the Martingale betting strategy.

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This betting strategy is one of the most common used and effective of any betting strategies ever used in Blackjack online. The concept of this plan is very simple and easy to follow. If followed, you will be guaranteed to at least break even.

The strategy goes a little something like this. Every time you win a hand you keep the same bet. If you lose a hand, you double the previous bet until you win. Once you’ve won, you go back to your starting bet size. To make this a little easier to understand we can use a simple example.

Let’s say we sit down at a Blackjack table and we begin with betting $2. We win the very first hand; therefore we keep our next bet at $2. This time we lose our $2 so our next hand we must bet $4. If we win the following hand we can go back to betting the $2 we started with. However, if we lose the hand we bet $4 on, we would have to bet $8 on the next one. We repeat this pattern of doubling our previous bet until we win.

Once we win a hand we can go back to our original bet sizing. We also have won all the money back that we lost by doubling our bets. If we double the bet each and every time we lose, we are guaranteed to win our money back once we finally win. In the long run this will work out to us being ahead since there will be times that we get dealt a natural Blackjack which will pay 3:2 giving us even more money than if we win a normal hand which pays even money.

The one con to this strategy is that you must have the money in your bankroll to be able to double your bets. At times the bet can be pretty sizeable if you’ve lost a few hands in a row. However, if you stick to the plan and have the money to place the bets, you will always at least break even.

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Getting Started with Blackjack Online

Playing Blackjack can be a thrilling experience at a casino. The chips flying around, the sometimes good looking cocktail waitresses and the overall atmosphere make for a great experience. However, not everyone lives close to a casino and spending a few hundred or a few thousand dollars to get there is out of the question. This is where playing Blackjack online can be a great alternative.

It’s not only an alternative like using water for your cereal when you’re out of milk is. It can actually be better. Being able to sit in your robe or nothing at all while playing the game you love does have it perks. The problem with playing Blackjack online is that many people are unsure of how to play and even where to begin. There’s good news for those in this boat; it’s one of the easiest task you will ever accomplish. It’s about as easy as setting up an email account in fact.
The first step is to find a good online casino that you can trust. You want one that is licensed and regulated by a respected governing body. You should have no problems finding one as most all are respectable sites and not out to cheat anyone. The days of fraudulent online casinos are just about over.
Once you find a site you like, you simply need to set up an account. To do this you will need to click on the tab that says download now or something along those lines. This will be super easy to spot as it will likely be the first thing you see when opening up the home page of the casino.
Once you’ve downloaded the software, you will need to create your account. You will not need to enter any credit card or financial information at this time. All you need is your name, address and a catchy user name that you will use as the handle for the site. Be sure to pick a name and password that you will easily remember as you will need it in the future to log in.
Once the hard stuff is out of the way, you just need to start playing Blackjack online. In the lobby of the casino, you will see a list of games that you can play. All you need to now is click on the Blackjack button and you’re off to playing Blackjack online.
To place your best, you just click on the amount you want to bet which will be easily displayed on the screen and click on the table where the best go. It’s just like pulling your chips out and placing them on the table at a real casino, only you are using a mouse and virtual chips to perform this task.
You can see that playing Blackjack is about as easy as it gets. It should only take a few minutes before your playing and winning.

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Blackjack Payment Methods

Chances are if you’re playing blackjack online, you’re playing at an online casino. Unlike poker, there are very few exclusive blackjack rooms since it has always been played in a casino setting. One of the benefits of this is that you can play any casino game you can easily switch between games when you feel you need a break or you can even play a mini game while you’re playing your main blackjack game. But one of the other advantages is that as soon as you open an account at a casino, you can start playing blackjack without worrying about having a separate account, which may be the case with the games. This also means that you have a lot of payment options available for playing blackjack.

Depositing Money
Whichever casino you want to play at should have a list of their available payment options. Usually these include the traditional methods like bank transfer, but more often than none, the most popular methods are debit cards (VISA, Maestro), credit cards (VISA, MasterCard), electronic or digital wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Ukash…) and pre-paid cards. These tend to be more prevalent because there are little to no fees involved and deposits are made instantly so that as soon as you enter your details you can begin playing blackjack immediately. Casinos will also offer local payment methods for specific countries so make sure to select your country when you look at their options.

Withdrawing Money
Options tend to be a bit more limited when it comes to cashing out winnings, although there are still usually quite a few methods available including credit cards like VISA, e-wallets like Moneybookers, and a bank transfer. A cheque is also an option but it can take as long as 2-3 weeks for it to be processed and received so it’s better to choose a faster method like an e-wallet which can return winnings in as little as 24 hours. However it should be noted that most casinos have specific processing times including a 1-2 day holding period in case you change your mind about withdrawing your winnings.

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There’s more than one way to play Blackjack!

One of the factors that separate the best places to play blackjack online from the more amateur operators is the number of blackjack variations available to play. Whether you’re looking for a new place to play online blackjack or you’ve already signed up at a number of online casinos be on the lookout for these exciting variants on the game of 21.

1. European Blackjack

Don’t let the name fool you as many casinos offer European Blackjack even if they are not located in the EU. In this version the dealer only has 2 decks on hand making it a great game for card counters. You can also double down on any hand and split on aces.

2. Multi Hand Blackjack

This is one of the most popular variants because it lets you play up to 10 hands all at the same time. Because of the higher number of hands played simultaneously the minimum bet for mutli-hand blackjack is often only 25 cents.

3. Progressive Blackjack

To keep the game exciting try this version which allows all kinds of side bets such as will the dealer draw an ace, and will your total be even or odd? This is a great blackjack variant because there are very few land based casinos that offer it and it can mainly be found in online casinos only.

4. Blackjack Switch

With this creative game each player gets two hands dealt to them instead of one. If you don’t like your cards you can mix and match the two hands to get a better hand when going head to head against the dealer.

5. Double Exposure Blackjack

Have you ever wanted to see the dealer’s hole card? With double exposure blackjack now you can. Even with this advantage you can still double after splitting even after aces. However the payout on a blackjack is reduced sometimes to even money due to the built in advantages for the player in this version.

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Counting cards

Card Counting from the Beginning

Card Counting is by no means easy, but it also doesn’t require you to be a mathematician or an autistic savant like Rain Man’s Dustin Hoffman. All you need to get started is a basic understanding that cards with a rank of 10 or higher (10 thru Ace) are beneficial for you, the player, and low ranking cards (2 thru 6) are more helpful for the Dealer. So if you’ve noticed more low ranking cards being played, then you have a better chance of making blackjack (Ace and any 10, J, Q, or K) while the Dealer has more chances to bust since there are more cards with a higher rank still left in the deck.

First Steps to Counting Cards – The Hi-Lo System

Of course there a quite a few systems for counting cards, but the easiest to learn from is the Hi-Lo system in which you create values of +1, 0, and -1 to every card that’s dealt. All low ranking cards 2-6, are given the value of +1, while all high ranking cards 10-Ace, have the value of -1. All of the cards in between (7, 8, and 9) are assigned the value of zero just as the table below suggests.


Rank Value




























Use the values to add or subtract from the RC (Running Count). At the beginning of every game, the Running Count is zero. Imagine that you’re playing with multiple players, perhaps 3 other players and the dealer in a live blackjack game. And the cards are dealt to reveal the following hands:


Cards Dealt


Player 1

8♥ 7♠


Player 2

6♠ 4♦


Player 3

Q♦ 10♣


Player 4

9♣ 3♥






If you begin the running count with the first player, the RC remains zero, since 8 and 7 both equal zero. However the second player has two cards that each equal +1, so the RC becomes 2 but then becomes zero again from the sum of the values of Player 3’s hand. The fourth player’s hand has one card with the value of +1 and one worth 0, so the RC becomes +1, and since the Dealer is showing an 8 the running count remains at +1.

Playing with Multiple Decks

If you’re playing with a Single-Deck, it’s a fairly easy system but single-deck blackjack has become less and less common and most casinos play with 6 and sometimes even 8 decks, mostly to deter you from counting cards. The good news is that there’s an easy equation that you can use to accommodate additional decks.

Divide the Running Count by the Number of Decks Remaining to give you the True Count.  So if there are 5 decks remaining, divide the running count by 5 decks to get the True Count (TC). If you end up with a fraction, you should round up or down. For example .5 and up will round up to 1. Once you have the True Count, you’ll be able to decide the best betting strategy. Generally speaking if your TC is a negative number, it’s better to have a lower bet since there are less high ranking cards whereas if your TC is a positive number, you have a greater chance of winning, you may want to increase your bet.

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History of Blackjack

The true origins of Blackjack are unknown. Some sources say that Blackjack was already popular in Europe in the mid-to-late 1700s by the French and Spanish, while others much more rudimentary versions of it were being played in China in the 7th century.  Another theory is that the earliest versions were developed in the 15th century in Egypt, only to migrate to Europe later.
Earlier Versions of Twenty One in Europe
There’s much more evidence to support the assumption that earlier forms of Blackjack had become a staple amongst casino players in Europe. It’s believed that it was first made popular in Spain where people were playing a similar game called One and Thirty. The game was played with 3 cards instead of today’s version with two, but the objective of the game closely resembles the objective of 21 or Blackjack. In order to win the player had to have cards that got as close to 31 and no higher than 31. Soon after the game the number was switched to 21 and played with two cards. There’s even a reference to Ventiuna (Twenty-One)  being played in Spain in the early 17th century  by characters in Novelas ejemplares, a story by Miguel de Cervates, the author of Don Quixote.  Similarly the French were enjoying playing Vingt-Un, also meaning Twenty-One.
Twenty One Comes to America
No one knows exactly when 21 made the leap from Europe to American casinos, but it is known that there was already a following of players in Nevada by 1931. To make the games a little more interesting, casinos started offering greater payouts for those that were lucky enough to hold A♠ and J♠ or J♣ they’d win 10x their bet.  The bet became so popular that the game was renamed to Blackjack and winning hands eventually included all Aces and cards with a value of 10, however the payout was lowered to 3 to 2 odds.
Blackjack in Recent Years
Blackjack has become one of the most popular casino games played around the world. You can find Blackjack being played in brick and mortar casinos and multiple forms online including mobile and live versions with real dealers. The main reason for its popularity has been its incredibly low house edge, less than .5% if played with the correct strategy. Today most versions of blackjack are played with 6-8 decks or an RNG if played online, but you can still find single deck versions around easily enough.

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Secrets of playing online blackjack

If you spent any time online browsing the web for tips on online blackjack playing, you probably know that there are tons of techniques and strategies offered to help you play better. There’s also a lot of common misconceptions that fall in the category of advice that could actually make you play worse, so be aware of these myths before incorporating them into your game plan. We decided to offer you some useful tips and tricks that could improve your online blackjack skills and help avoid mistakes common for new players. We don’t guarantee that you will get rich overnight, but these tips could improve your games a lot..

10 as dealer’s hole card myth

This is one piece of advice you’ll run into a lot, but in fact that’s one of the worst things you can do. It advises you to assume that the dealer’s hole card is 10, and play accordingly so you don’t stand on a weak total. While you shouldn’t stand on too weak cards, it’s definitely worse to follow this advice, and here’s why – only 30% of the cards in the deck are worth 10. Simple maths tells you that the odds you are wrong are 70% and no one in their right mind would want to play something with this kind of odds.

Play big after a couple of losing hands

Another terrible advice that can only make you lose more money and nerves. Some online blackjack players advise you to place a higher than usual bet if you’re having a bad streak of games, in order to gain back all the money you’ve lost. There is no guarantee that the next hand will be a winning hand for you just because you’ve lost the last couple of them, and in fact, the odds of that happening are pretty low. If you want to win your lost money back, it’s a better idea to pause for a while, get your cool back, and keep playing with lower stacks until you’ve won a few games.

Don’t share the table with bad players

Here’s another popular misconception which is really an excuse for players to blame their loss on someone else. When playing multiplayer games, it’s not hard to spot a complete newbie who keeps blundering in one hand after another, but the way they play won’t affect your game. Some say that bad players make dealers win, but that is simply not true. Their bad decisions will cause the table to win about the same as they will make the dealer win.

Rely on your guts

Listening to your inner voice now and again is essential as luck is a big part of gambling, but in the long run strategy wins over chance. If you’re serious about winning some money, you have to come up with a plan and not just hit and stand at random. A good strategy will get you far, so keep yourself informed and try out a different approach every now and then.

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Debunking online blackjack myths

With all the hype on winning big cash online and success stories you’ve heard of people getting filthy rich overnight, come other kinds of stories about online blackjack casinos being rigged and ripping off people’s money. While most of these extremes are just urban myths, there are many popular myths circling the web that include all sorts of misconceptions about online blackjack. In order to make things a bit clearer, we unveiled some of them and proved them to be just urban legends. This time we focused on the tales among the players concerning the strategies for playing and what things to avoid at all costs. As it turns out, some of the most popular advice are actually the things not to do.

Myth No. 1

You need to be a genius to count the cards

Maybe you’ve seen Rain Man as a kid, but the fact that an autistic person is able to memorize a deck of cards within seconds had nothing to do with your ability to count the cards. It’s a popular misconception that only weirdos and extremely intelligent people are able to memorize which cards were dealt, but the real truth is that pretty much anyone can do it by using the right techniques and a lot of practice. These memorizing techniques are based on remembering low cards and high cards separately, and if you want to know more, check out some online tutorials on various memorizing techniques. It takes some practice at home, but it’s well worth it.

Myth No. 2

Counting cards is useless

This is where most experts tend to disagree, and analyzing opinions of the greatest online blackjack players we’ve come to the conclusion that this is certainly useful. As we mentioned before, there is a way to learn how to count the cards, which gives you a better idea on the possibilities of the cards being dealt, which increases your odds at winning. What makes this technique disputable is that some people tend to focus on counting cards and not the game itself, which causes them to lose. To get the best playing result, keep track of the cards that have been dealt, but focus on your hand more.

Myth No. 3

Getting as close to 21 is the main goal

Many inexperienced players use this rule too strictly and hold blindly to it, ignoring a crucial fact – you don’t have to get as close to 21, you need to beat the dealer. While people are trying desperately to reach the best sum, it’s often smarter to focus on the dealer’s hand. Risking too much will most likely get you to bust your hand, while choosing to stay even as low as 12 or 13 offers you bigger chances of winning than you’d ever think.

Myth No. 4

It’s all about luck

It’s more about strategy and mathematics. Although luck plays a certain part in a game of online blackjack, the real truth is you’ll get nowhere unless you develop a strategy you will hold on to. Learn from the best and seek advice online, then incorporate it in your game for the best results.

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Pros and cons of online blackjack

While some people love playing online blackjack because of the fact it’s more convenient and doesn’t involve other people, others prefer going to a real casino where they can interact with others. Some of us are just introverted loners who prefer to play from home while the crowd, smoke and noise are the things that attract others to chose the real thing. No matter which kind of gambling you prefer, there are some good and bad sides to both of it. This time we’ll focus on online blackjack and try to break some of the popular misconceptions and try to make it closer to people who haven’t tried out this kind of entertainment yet. Playing online can be as much fun as the real thing, sometimes even better, and here’s why.

You can play for free

If you’re a beginner in blackjack, the last thing you want to do is go to a casino and waste your life savings. But how do you expect to get any better if you’re not playing? That’s why online blackjack is perfect for new, inexperienced players. There are rooms that offer playing for fun, where you can practice all you want without actually spending money. If you’re not confident about your blackjack playing skills, take your time and start practicing online until you feel ready to play for cash.

You choose the game pace

One of the biggest downsides of playing in real casinos is the time pressure your put under by the other players at the table. If you don’t handle pressure well, you won’t feel comfortable with all those people staring at you and waiting on you to make a move. That’s why most beginner players blunder when playing live, while being exposed to this much stress. When playing online, there’s no pressure, no other players waiting on you, so you can relax and take it easy, unless you choose to play a multiplayer game. Playing relaxed and not stressed out is one of the key things to a good game.

Playing online is easy and convenient

This is probably the top argument for choosing online blackjack over the real thing. You can log on any time of the day, 24/7, and play for as long as you like. Sometimes you won’t feel like playing long and you’ll quit after just a couple of minutes, while in real life people would stare at you for showing up, playing a couple of hands and abruptly leaving.

Online games save you money

You might not have thought about it, but playing online blackjack actually saves you money. Imagine driving to a casino – besides the hassle of getting dressed, you spend money on gas. Then there’s the overpriced drinks they sort of make you get, then tipping the dealer…If you take all these small expenses into account, playing online is a great way to save some money and time by not having to leave the house at all.

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